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Rebalancing Loudoun County's approach to preventing tick-borne disease

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has highlighted research showing that personal protective measures are the best way to prevent Lyme and other tick-borne disease - not spraying pesticides.  We have also highlighted evidence that preserving biodiversity and contiguous forest can be key to preventing tick-borne disease - and that focus on deer may be misplaced.

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Positions


Protecting Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve, Loudoun County's wildlife gem

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has advocated for protection of the Mountain/Piedmont Seepage Swamp - one of just twelve known examples in Virginia - and for maintaining contiguousness of the Preserve's White Oak Forest.

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Positions

    • November 2013 letter to the Virginia Department of Transportation.
    • July 2009 action alert: Banshee Reeks and The Woods Road Realignment.
    • March 2008 action alert: Banshee Reeks and The Woods Road Realignment

Speaking up for all of Loudoun County's natural resources

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has worked across our county to protect natural resources essential to life for both people and wildlife. 

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy Positions

  • May 1, 2014 letter to the Board of Supervisors: "No" on Franklin Park Field Lighting
  • May 2010 action alert: Please Speak Out for Stream Protections
  • Assessment: The Case for Preserving Natural Stream Buffers and Floodplains

Helping people to live in harmony with wildlife

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has organized numerous education and advocacy programs to highlight the important role our most misunderstood species play in our ecosystem, and help people coexist safely with these animals.





Working with coalition partners

Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy is active in coalitions at the county level and beyond - a great way to work with diverse groups to address issues of common concern.


Loudoun Preservation and Conservation Coalition

Loudoun Watershed Watch


Choose Clean Water Coalition