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In the end, we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we have been taught.

- Baba Dioum


Our Vision: 
A county where people live in balance with wildlife and act with understanding of the value and importance of nature.

Our Mission: 
Promote the preservation and proliferation of healthy wildlife habitats throughout Loudoun County by fostering an understanding of the value of nature and providing opportunities for applying that knowledge to the betterment of the natural environment.


A Volunteer Organization:
With the exception of some very limited part-time admin help, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy is a local volunteer-driven non-profit organization.

Volunteers across Loudoun contribute their time each year to our mission -- leading field trips, helping with habitat restoration projects, writing articles, manning the fair booth, participating in citizen science efforts, and working behind the scenes to deliver the products and programs to reach people across the region.

While we don't own a facility, we use local parks, sanctuaries, private refuges, libraries and community centers to hold our programs, field trips and events. Our home base is located at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA where we have our office and steward 350 acres of land.

Question Mark Butterfly
A local butterfly species: The Question Mark

We work to build an understanding of the value of nature by:
We aim our activities and programs to appeal to a wide variety of interests and skill levels.  Recent talks in our speaker series included topics on salamanders, bald eagles, wildflowers and cougars.

Each year, we participate in the Audubon Christmas Bird Count and the North American Butterfly Association Butterfly Count.  In addition, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy conducts monthly bird walks through several Loudoun nature preserves and we work with the Virginia Bluebird Society to coordinate and manage the Loudoun Bluebird Trails.

Throughout the year, our stream monitoring program, the largest in Loudoun County, sends volunteer monitoring teams to assess the extent to which Loudoun streams have healthy habitats that support aquatic life.  Data collected is shared with citizenry as well as the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.

Similarly, our amphibian monitoring program engages citizens in collecting data on local frogs, toads and salamanders and learning about their wetland and forest habitats.

Wild Turkeys
Wild Turkeys roam our fields
Why do we do these things?  To realize our vision of Loudoun as a county where citizens make decisions and act with compassion and understanding for the environment. 

We are the stewards of this land.  We are responsible to future generations for what is saved and what is destroyed. 

In times like these where habitat loss is running at an unprecedented pace, the wildlife of Loudoun needs us and it’s our responsibility to build the understanding and compassion and act now to preserve and protect the wildlife habitat of Loudoun.

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