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"One impulse from a vernal wood may teach you more of man, or moral evil and of good, than all the sages can."

- William Wordsworth


Since 2001, Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy has been participating as judges in the Annual Loudoun County Regional Science Fair. Monetary awards are presented to the award winners at our Annual Meeting where the students also have the opportunity to showcase their winning projects.

Past award winners


Special Award - Tara Gravallese, grade 12
The Effect of Fungicide Runoff on the Macroinvertebrate Community Structure
Honorary Mention Award - Lindsey Long, grade 11
The Effect of Riparian Buffer Zones on Macroinvertebrate Communities


1st Place - Samantha Iliff The Effect of Coli phage T4r on Decontamination of Streams Infected with Escherichia Coli
2nd Place - Corwin Warner The Effect of Lemma minor as an Indicator of Heavy Metals
3rd Place - Eric Esposito The Effect of Bacteriophages on Nutrient Cycling in Soil Ecosystems


1st Place - Izabella Valdez The Effects of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium Laden Fertilizers on the Lifespan of the Mytilus edulis
2nd Place - Syed Hasnain The Effect Of Water Absorbing And Oil Absorbing Polymers
3rd Place - Alexandra Sarkis An Analysis of Biosymmetry as an Indicator of Ecosystem Health due to Hydraulic Fracturing and Landfill Management


1st Place -  Cara Broshkevitch and Anne Richards A Future with no Landfills
2nd Place - Mohini Singh The effect of Wolbachia (bacterium) on the Apis mellifera (honeybee) Population
3rd Place - Christopher Whimpenny The Effect of Housing Development Age on Soil Organic Carbon in Suburban Developments in Loudoun County, Virginia


1st Place - Ehsan Jafree(Stone Bridge)The Relationship Between Impervious Surface Percent Cover and Stream Health in Loudoun County, VA
2nd Place - Lauren Salman(Stone Bridge)The Relationship Between Stream Location and Macroinvertebrate Health 
3rd Place - Samuel Kane(Academy of Science, Dominion High School) Investigation of Lead Isotopes in Quircus spp. To Determine the Effects of Air Transportation on Pollutant Present
1st Place: Molly Booth
Observing the Effect of Human Disturbance on Low Trophic Level Biodiversity
2nd Place: Ashley Lohr
Sugar Quality of Zinnia elegans as a Coevolution Factor in Color Selection by Lepidopterans
3rd Place: Sean O'Neil
The Effect of Organic Substances on Stink Bugs
1st Place: Alexa Rizzo, from Dominion High School in Sterling. Alexa did a study on the composition of fish ear bones to determine fish migratory routes
2nd Place: Aubrey Higginson, from Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn. Aubrey’s project was on quantifying the economic value of tree cover.
3rd Place: Lyons Sanchez Concha, from Park View High School in Sterling. Lyons' project was titled “Which root grasps soil best”
1st Place: Reid Nebergall, Dominion High School "Rehabilitation of Ocean Dead Zones via Alternative Photosynthetic Pathways in Cyanobacteria"
2nd Place: Ashley Lohr, Loudoun Valley High School "Butterfly Visitation on Different-Colored Buddleia davidii and Zinnia elegans"
3rd Place: Emile Atchison, Dominion High School "Save the Wildlife! Bacterial Remediation of Synthetic Pyrethroids"

1st Place: Johnny (Jun-Hong) Kim, Stone Bridge High School "The Effect of Allaria Petiolata on the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) and Its Effect on the Growth of Native Plants" 
2nd Place: Eric Bolden, Loudoun Valley High School "Effects of Water Temperature on Potentially Deadly Microorganisms"
3rd Place: Devon N. Reed, Dominion High School "Strength vs. Camouflage: The Evolutionary Tradeoffs of Pigmentation in Bird Eggs"

1st Place: Vanessa Bornholdt, Broad Run High School "The Effects of a Horse Farm on the Health of a Stream”
2nd Place: Nadia Waterman, Freedom High School “The Effect of Lawn Fertilizers on Daphnia magna”
3rd Place: Robert Lee, Potomac Falls High School “If a Tree Falls in Forest . . .”

1st Place: Nathan Latka, Loudoun County High School "The Effects Wetlands Have on a Waterways Flooding Frequency"
2nd Place: Ian Claar, Heritage High School "Effects of Urbanization on Tuscarora Creek"
2nd Place:Samantha Owens, Potomac Falls High School "Effects of Waste Removal Sites on Nearby Communities"
1st Place: Alex Seebeck, Loudoun Valley High School “HE(L)P Barred Owl Habitat in Loudoun County, Virginia, USA”
2nd Place: Stephen Spurlock “Natural Resource or Natural Disaster? Population Dynamics of Whitetail Deer in Loudoun County”
2nd Place: Alyssa Sanow “The Impact of Non-Nitrogen-Based Super-Phosphate Fertilizer on Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Infestation and Hemlock Growth”
2nd Place: Claire Nawojchik “The Comparison of Small Mammal Populations in Two Differing Field Habitats at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve”

1st Place: Alex Seebeck, Loudoun Valley High School “A Comparison of Habitat Suitability Index Models for Barred Owls in Loudoun County, VA”
2nd Place: Dhruva Rajendra, Dominion High School “The Effects of Fertilizers on the Breakdown of Motor Oil in a Freshwater Environment”
2nd Place: Stephen Spurlock, Loudoun Valley High School “Chronic Wasting Disease in Virginia”
1st Place: Alex Seebeck, Loudoun Valley High School “The Relationship Between Barred Owl Calls and Responses During the Non-Breeding Season”
2nd Place: Gavin Ruedisueli
2nd Place: Jared Fausnaught
1st Place: Jared Faustnaught, Loudoun County High School "The Effects of Impervious Surface on Stream Health"