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Field Guide to the Butterflies of Loudoun County
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“The caterpillar, which, by means of assiduous care, is able to weave round itself a new dwelling place with marvellous artifice and fine workmanship, comes out of it afterwards with painted and lovely wings, with which it rises towards Heaven.”

- Leonardo da Vinci


Interested in identifying Loudoun's butterflies?

Field Guide to the Butterflies of Loudoun County

Our Field Guide to the Butterflies of Loudoun County provides photos and identification tips for 63 of the 85 species of butterflies documented in Loudoun County and contains all of the species found on our Annual Loudoun County Butterfly Count.

In addition to identification tips and over 130 color photos taken in our area, the guide provides species-specific information such as:
- Host plants
- Favorite nectar plants
- Overwintering strategies
- Flight times
- Butterfly abundance (common, rare, etc.)

This 50-page guide is spiral bound for easy use in the field, has room for your notes, and includes comparison pages for a few similar-looking species.

Order your copy here

Publication of this guide was made possible by a generous donation from TRIP II, The Dulles Greenway.

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