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Journey North
Submit Your Sightings: Each spring and fall, Journey North tracks the migration of the Monarchs by having people like us submit their sightings.

Be a part of this great citizens science effort.

Enter data online or via their App.

The Symbolic Migration: Journey North runs a wonderful program to connect children in the US with those in Mexico. Just as the Monarchs fly from our Northern countries to overwinter in Mexico, so too do these symbolic Monarchs (paper cut-outs created by kids). At the end of the season, the symbolic Monarchs are sent back to participating groups. Various lesson plans and other educational materials are available for use as well.

Learn more about the symbolic migration

Keep up with the news: Estela Romero lives in Angangueo, Mexico and helps keep watch over the Monarchs.

She provides wonderful accounts of the Monarch population during fall and winter. During spring and summer, people in the US provide their updates.

Read the latest news here.

Moises Acosta is a naturalist who lives near the Monarch Butterfly Reserve in Mexico working on conservation efforts.

He developed a project to grow milkweed and raise and release Monarchs in order to teach locals about the Monarch lifecycle.

He provides excellent updates from Mexico via his facebook page.

Alternare is an organization that teaches more sustainable living and farming practices to the people who live within the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve and surrounding areas.

The practices that they teach result in less reliance on wood from the forest and lower resource usage.

They use a model whereby community members learn the practices and then teach their neighbors and friends within the community, which leads to people embracing the new ways more readily.

Lean more about Alternare here.

Monarch Butterfly Fund
Monarch Butterfly Fund is an organization that crosses counties and focuses on conserving North American Monarch butterflies and their migration through habitat restoration, research, monitoring, education and support for sustainable community development in and near the monarch overwintering areas in Mexico. Learn more about the organization and their partners here.
Monarch Celebration and Fundraiser
Details coming soon...date will be at the end of October, just as our Monarchs are arriving in the Sanctuaries in Mexico. We'll celebrate the Monarchs and their great migration as they complete their long journey, cheer for all the waystations we've planted, and look to the future as we do all we can to help keep this magic alive!

Our celebration will include a fundraiser to support the Monarch Butterfly Fund's habitat restoration projects taking place in Mexico. Learn about the Forest Restoration Project here.