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Coloring Sheets to Download
Fun Ideas
Plant a Monarch Waystation Garden....then check it for caterpillars and other insects

Keep a Monarch Journal....and fill it with your sightings, drawings and photos

Collect milkweed seeds and plant them

Make a Monarch butterfly and paste her onto a popscicle stick. Then, go in search of milkweed and nectar plants around your neighborhood and photographer her. Share her adventures on our Facebook page.

Visit the Journey North Site for all sorts of great Teaching Materials & Kids Activities

Children's Books
An Extraordinary Life: The Story of the Monarch Butterfly, by Laurence Pringle
The Travels of Monarch X, by Ross E. Hutchins
Monarch! Come Play with Me, by Ba Rea
A Monarch Butterfly’s Life, by John Himmelman
The Prince of Butterflies, by John Clapp
Gotta Go! Gotta Go!, by Sam Swope and Sue Riddle
Monarch Butterfly of Aster Way, by Elizabeth Ring
Monarchs, by Kathryn Lasky
J is for Journey, by Anne Powers
Monarch Magic, by Lynn M. Rosenblatt
Monarch Butterfly, by Eric S. Grace
Milkweed Visitors, by Mary Holland