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We Need You!

The status of the Monarch Butterfly population is not looking good. Habitat loss at home, use of “Round-up Ready” seed crops, and deforestation in Mexico are taking their toll on Monarch butterflies (and so much more!). The population that reached Mexico this year is the lowest ever recorded in their continued downward spiral. But we can help them! (We need to help them!)

monarch butterfly monarch butterflies

Hope lies in the future generations: in the fact that each female can lay 300 or more eggs in her lifetime but there must be milkweed and fall nectar plants (and good forest habitat in Mexico) to support them!

Here in Loudoun (and other parts less affected by drought or Round-up Ready crops) we can play a role in this relay of life that the Monarchs go through. We can plant milkweeds and fall nectar plants - every garden plot, especially when added to the gardens of our neighbors and their neighbors and their neighbors, can make a difference. We can also serve as a model or catalyst for other communities to do the same.

Our job is to make sure that healthy habitat exists so that the future generations have the best chance possible to bring back the magic. Let's do our part and inspire others to do the same!

monarch caterpillar monarch butterfly
Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy launched a Monarch Butterfly campaign that is crisscrossing Loudoun County and beyond with educational programs, habitat restoration activities, native plant sales, artistic endeavors, and setting a challenge to raise and release more than 2,014 Monarch Butterflies in Loudoun this summer!

Our campaign has 5 main elements:
1) Sharing the story of the Monarch through community programs, school events, partnerships with other groups and organizations
2) Restoring habitat and planting Monarch Waystations at schools, homes, churches and businesses that will flourish for Monarchs and other wildlife
3) Raising and releasing Monarchs, especially in the late summer and fall
4) Connecting with communities in Mexico where our Monarchs overwinter and supporting restoration efforts there
5) Establishing a recurring program, because this is a marathon, not a sprint.


But we need your help to pull this off!

If you would like to be a part of the organizing committee for this campaign here in Loudoun County, VA, please Contact Us

Please help keep this magic alive!

monarch butterfly