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“Nothing exists for itself alone, but only in relation to other forms of life.”

- Charles Darwin


Our Board meets quarterly in Leesburg and is open to all Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy members.

If you'd like to attend a Board meeting, present an idea to the Board or if you simply have a question, please use the contact us form. [We're using this form approach to keep out the spammers]. We'll respond back quickly. Thanks for your interest in Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy!

Nicole Hamilton
Executive Director, Amphibian Monitoring Coordinator, Butterfly Count Coordinator, Monarch Campaign Coordinator
Katherine Daniels
President, Board Member
Joe Coleman
Vice President, Bird Counts Coordinator, Board Member
Patti Psaris
er, Development Chair, Board Member
[photo forthcoming] Bill Brown
Secretary, Board Member
[photo forthcoming] Jill Miller
Communications Specialist, Board Member
Jim McWalters
Programs and Field Trips Chair, Board Member
Sarah Steadman
Youth and Family Programs Chair, Board Member
Alysoun Mahoney
Board Member
[photo forthcoming] Phil Paschall
Board Member
[photo forthcoming] Hatsy Cutshall
Board Member
[photo forthcoming] Ann Garvey
Audubon at Home Coordinator, Native Plant Sale Coordinator
[photo forthcoming] Sharon Plummer
Habitat Herald Managing Editor
[photo forthcoming] Karla Etten
Bluebird Monitoring Coordinator
[photo forthcoming] Dave Manning
Stream Monitoring Coordinator
Hannah Duffy
Volunteer Engagement Chair
[photo forthcoming] Kelly Senser
Volunteer Coordination and Outreach Specialist
[photo forthcoming] Spring Ligi
Bird Atlas Coordinator
[photo forthcoming]

Doreen Varblow

Office Management Specialist