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Appalachian Trail - Blackburn Center
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Give me a wildness whose glance no civilization can endure.

- Henry David Thoreau



A Great Place

Located along the Appalachian Trail, the Blackburn Center offers not only a wonderful wild place but also a peaceful spot to enjoy views of the countryside.

Enjoy hiking, birding, and general nature exploration as you walk along the trail.

Taking the steep road that goes up to the Center, you'll park just below the house. As you walk up the rest of the driveway, look for thrushes and other songbirds in the trees.

Up at the house, be sure to look for butterflies that nectar on the milkweed and other wildflowers that grow in the meadow area that runs down the hill.

You can fill your water bottle at the spigot next to the house and then take the trail heading up the hill.

Weaving through the forest through switchbacks, watch for toads, birds and a variety of insects. Woodland plants abound along the trail with patches of ferns, wildflowers like the Indian pipe, and fascinating fungi.

Reaching the top of the hill, head out to the lookout point for vulture and hawk's eye views of the countryside.

When to Visit
Hours: Open year round.

Facilities: Restrooms are available at the house. Overnight accommodations are available for hikers at the house and camping.

Driving directions: Located at 34899 Appalachian Road (VA 713) near Round Hill.

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