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“A sense of the power and mystery of nature shall sprifafter returning from a voyage round the world.”

- John Burroughs



Why Monitor Bluebirds?
Monitoring a bluebird nestbox trail is a great way to learn about our local cavity nesters, especially Bluebirds. It’s wonderful to watch them build their nest, lay eggs, and fledge young. In addition to bluebirds we often encounter tree swallows, chickadees, titmice, and wrens. Surrounding habitat is what attracts these birds to nest in the area so it’s also a good chance to evaluate what the property has to offer.
How it Works
You can monitor at one of the public trails or at your own home trail.Or, you can help us build new trails and repair existing ones. Here's a map of the current trails.

- Public Trail: Monitoring at our public trails is done in teams of 4 so that each person monitors about once per month, April though August. Each trail has a trail leader who creates the monitoring schedule, trains new monitors, identifies trail repairs and compiles the data at the end of the season and sends it in.

- Home Trail: Monitoring at your home trail is done by you once per week through the season (April through August). At the end of the season, you compile the data and send it in.

- Nestbox Building/Repairs and Trail Set-up: A great project for local scouts or school groups is to build and set up a bluebird trail and then let us monitor them. We've had a number of scouts earn their Eagle Scout badges using this as a project and it really helps us expand the trail network across Loudoun. We also need help with repairing existing trails that need box replacement.

Let's Help Our Bluebirds!
If you'd like to become involved in bluebird monitoring, please fill in the volunteer form below.
Resources for Bluebird Monitoring:
Data Collection Forms:
Bluebird Facts and Fun:
Loudoun Trail Data:

Volunteer for Bluebird Nestbox Monitoring
We're glad you want to signup! All levels of experience are welcome. Training will be provided.

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Home Trail
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Nestbox Building/Repairs and Trail Set-up

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